An exceptional look behind the scenes of the elite police team.

Belgium January 15, 2015.

In Verviers, members of the Special Units raid a terraced house where three IS terrorists are brooding over an attack. The firefight comes a week after the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo editorial board and marks the beginning of a wave of terror in Belgium and France.

On the front line is Chief Inspector Lionel D. of the Special Intervention Squadron (Now: “Group Diane” DSU). For the first time, a member of the elite Federal Police squadron testifies about his life and work. The grueling training, the life-and-death struggle, the daily battle against gangsters and thugs. How his family keeps him going and how he becomes a father again during the grueling war on terror. And how the hunt for Abdeslam changes him and his colleagues forever.

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Lionel is a former Team Leader of the Federal Counterterrorism Unit DSU (Group Diane) and bestselling author. Based on his experience, Lionel gives inspirational keynotes to leaders and organizations who want to grow in leadership. He also highlights the importance of building trust and  accountability, taking ownership of decisions and working under high stress circumstances.

Do you need a breath of fresh air or new perspectives on your management style? Are you looking for a way to inspire your team? Want another look at your leadership mindset? Contact him to evaluate and explore  the possibilities together.

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